Moral Colour

by Stars & Flights

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Jewel case with 12 page booklet.
    Artwork by Geraint Radford and Shaun Preece.
    Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Chris Coulter.

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released June 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Stars & Flights Neath, UK

We are STARS & FLIGHTS, from Neath, South Wales.

We released debut album ‘Dropping Anchors’ in 2012 and the 'Ruin EP' in June 2013. Our next full-length, 'Moral Colour', recorded with Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots, Empire) is set for release on June 16th through Ghoulish Records. ... more

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Track Name: Moral Colour
Wait for the curtain to fall, the answer to spill out
You're on your last breath before you choke on your words

The glory fades before it shines
Here's the last letter from my weather mind
Before we stay, let's move sometime
Get back home before we die

You want to feel safe? Don't you feel you empty?
You want to feel safe? Cut the threads and give up

Our moral colour dictates where we are
Our words and meetings will reveal our scars

We're in our corner of the world, so far removed
It amplifies the lonely trait of having something to prove
Crack the ice, make the Earth move
Track Name: Fairweather
Let me feel safe
Wait for my beaten lungs to inflate
Let me feel safe
There's only so much you can take

Think of what we could have had
If you weren't there to hold me back
My head is gone, my time is up
I'm just waiting to erupt

Fair weather friend until the bitter end
Until we sink into the deep end
Contract yourself
Spread so thin, so close to death

Let me see faith
Can't get out with no bones left to break
In my veins, don't ever fall away
Track Name: Bitter Hands
There's a black hole with no grasp of reality
That can't change anything on the outside
It sits at the back of my mind
Biting at my blackened insides

And truth be told, I'd never tell a soul
If I thought that this would never happen
And truth be told, I'd never tell a soul
Because I know

I know you feel it too
I'm on my back to watch the world collapse with you
I'm not gonna get a release
I'll be perfect when it's dead to me

We don't exist in a vacuum reality
But we can't take influence from the outside
It swells at the back of my mind
Tearing at my blackened insides

They'd say our compromise contradicts who we are
But with our bitter hands, bitter hands
We're not that far apart
Track Name: Paper Roots
Can't stomach the wasteland, output with no return
I'm wasting, wasting, breaking
What's the distance out there?
Shout into a black hole

I'll write you a letter that will stain my hand

And you're waiting for the bright lights
But it takes scars for the stars to ignite
And you'll maintain that you didn't know
But when you're bruised your heart's on show
(2nd time – But when you're down the truth is shown)

Can you read this to me? Read this back to me
We'll only tear ourselves apart in the modern way
And it's fair to say that if we don't look
We won't see the light for shade

I'll write you a letter
Track Name: Glass House
Freshen up
Don't rewrite history, just heal the cuts
If you live your life
With yourself on the outside in full view, you won't need anything to hide behind

Show off the cracks in the panes
And empty their mouths
Live in a shattered glass house

There's nothing left to hold onto
Slip beneath your skin
There's nothing left to hold onto
Slip beneath your

Rebuild now
Don't let these walls define you, if they're easy to tear down
You look so tired
You can't hold all the doors open when you're just trying to survive

Live in a shattered glass house
Track Name: Tired Nightlife
This street has been here for years
Making stars of the streetlight hearts that ingest their pride
And savour sickness we save just for the night
This street will be here a while

Where is our crippling doubt
That we can't go outside, can't go outside without

I couldn't find you at the end of the night
But you said you were my way out of the tired nightlife

The back of a taxi on a dark night
Has seen more prayers than the walls of a church
And the hundreds and hundreds of warnings
Have seen you playing with water but you still got burnt

Where is your shame you said
You can't leave behind, can't leave home without it

Tired nightlife
It leaves me behind

I don't need any more volunteers with heart
Or servants of style that say they will when they can't
I need a structure, disaster relief
Say your prayers before you bury me
I don't need any more suggestions of heart
I need the cold hard facts pinned squarely to the mark
“So we beat on, boats against the current
Borne ceaselessly into the past”
Track Name: Repeater, Repeater
I've missed it, it's been a while
I can smell it on your skin
It's behind your smile
And that's where it draws me in
When everything fades
Your rotten roots will come out
And Repeater, you'll be forcing them down

We're lined up in the backstreets
Force-fed a bitter vaccine
Repeater, Repeater
Another crashed car
Your acid tongue melts
What you've waited for

And anything I could say
Would be bent out of shape
And by moonlight you had
Reduced me to ash
And with my trembling hands
I held all the venom back

You take everything I have
You paint it black

Repeater, Repeater
“A pretty bird in a cage”
You're my cage
Track Name: Dearest On Show
Spark the bloodflow
Pull till there's nothing more
My view of your face sends me home
It brings me home

Every day stays that way

That backlit face
Lights me up
Nothing changes when
I need you this much

There's nothing that could keep us too far apart
Only you move the blood in my heart
I'll never let you go
You're my dearest, on show

I wake up next to you
Less in body than mind
Open access to yours
But you won't take mine

Yeah we won't be separated
Not when I've got you on-screen
I'll keep writing you letters
That you'll never see
Yeah I know we can make it
I've got the structures in place
All that's left to arrange
Is meeting you face to face

You're frozen in time
Not just for my eyes
I'll never let you go
You're my dearest, on show
Track Name: Head Full of Static
Take what you are
Get some life in your winter heart
We'll take a car
We need to get outside ourselves
We're set to explode
We're bigger than what's left at home
I believe in you
We're set, when she said

“Blood isn't thicker than water, but it stains our bones all the same”

Swallow it down, taste defeat
There's nothing else for you to eat
You can't delay the inevitable
Live here, rot here without
The spark to light this grey house

Your doubts will follow you home

Put your hands to the sky
Pray with a head full of static, head full of static
It'll never rain
I'll wait with a head full of static, head full of static
Track Name: The Roman Way
Settled down
Get a read on where our
Stars are found

And the action will come, but for now I'm stuck
So lay me to rest where I want to wake up

Oh, so long
There's only so many things I'll get wrong
I'll see my ghost from a few years back to tell me where I came from
Oh, so long
We'll just keep on keeping on
I'll see my ghost from a few years back to tell me where I came from

Breathe out
Spun around
Sing a new song just to
Hold it down